"I began treatment with Kate about a year and a half ago. I have suffered from stomach problems for 20 years and have even had to have surgery. Since I have started acupuncture and taking herbs I have never felt better. I think that if I had started treatment with Kate years ago I never would have needed surgery. I also suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have relied on medication for years and seen psychologists, none of which has helped. Kate has helped me so much with my anxiety and I will be forever grateful. She is very easy to open up to about it and has done amazing work. She is also incredible at treating chronic pain. She treats a neck issue I have and it has been the only pain relief I have experienced. It's so nice not to have to rely on medication. Kate is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of he human body and her treatments constantly amaze me. I can also say that not all acupuncturists are created equal! I have moved to WA and have yet to find an acupuncturist as skilled as Kate. I still make multiple appointments with her when I return to Tucson. Kate absolutely has a gift and I am so grateful to have found her!" -TW

"I should preface this review by stating that I was very skeptical about whether or not this “alternative” would really help me to feel better. I was initially referred for severe headaches and upper neck/back pain but have been additionally treated for the symptoms of menopause and hip/joint pain. After 10 sessions, much of my pain is gone and I have been able to eliminate many of the prescription medications I have been taking. Kate Campos is a skilled and gentle presence. She has been thoughtful and creative in finding the best treatment for the underlying issues and whatever presents on any given day. I have asked many questions about treatment and procedure and Kate will take the time to answer in detail and, very often, follow-up with articles from professional literature. I am very grateful for the excellent care I have received at Invigorate Acupuncture." -MA

"When I was about 32, I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. There were a few fairly new Western medicines available to manage the disease. Afraid of the short and long term side effects, I opted for acupuncture. Thirteen years later it was the best decision I could have made. While many (taking these medicines) still report painful flare ups once or more a month, I have enjoyed remission periods for up to two years. And for the last five years, Kate has been my partner every step of the way in both studying and helping me manage this disease." -JR

"Acupuncture was the perfect fit for relieving painful pregnancy symptoms. After suffering through the first three months of my first pregnancy, I contacted Kate and scheduled an appointment. I was hesitant to try acupuncture and anxious about the effects it would have on my pregnancy. Kate reassured me that acupuncture was safe during pregnancy and spent a significant amount of time learning my symptoms and answering my questions. I experienced immediate relief for debilitating migraine headaches. Migraine headache were my primary complaint, but I was surprised (and so relieved!) to be treated for heartburn, lower back pain, and hemorrhoids. Kate also offered advise on dietary changes and newborn care that was very helpful. I continue to receive acupuncture treatments from Kate postpartum for migraines and breastfeeding support in addition to herbal treatments. " -KG

"I started coming to Kate because primarily to deal with two issues: severe TMJ pain and pain due to endometriosis. I was initially a bit skeptical that acupuncture would work for me, but even after a month I began to notice huge improvements. My jaw pain all but went away and my pelvic pain was much more manageable. what I really like about Kate is that she provides holistic care for her patients: she not only provides acupuncture, but also prescribes different herbal mixes that are unique to your specific situation. As my TMJ issues subsided, we began to work on depression, which I didn't even know acupuncture could help with! Because my spouse and I are trying to conceive, I wanted to get off of all medication, including mood stabilizers. Kate switched up my herbs to help with my moods, and our acupuncture sessions also focused on my emotional wellbeing. She has been incredibly helpful in this area of my life as well! I am so grateful for being able to work with Kate! " -AJ

" I tried acupuncture as a last resort after two years of unsuccessfully trying to find help for my sleep problems. I am so lucky I found Kate! I was hesitant and had no idea what to expect from acupuncture or Chinese medicine, and Kate was more thorough in her attention to my overall well-being than any of the previous doctors I had seen. She has helped manage my fatigue and also treated other issues as they came up, such as migraines, jaw pain, allergies, and anxiety. I also appreciate her gentle approach and suggestions of new techniques based on up-to-date research. I leave each appointment feeling calm and restored, and I cannot recommend Kate highly enough!"  -JS

"I have been a patient of Kate for two months.  I have had chronic tendinitis in my left shoulder for eleven months and Doctor said to "basically live with it".  I have had six sessions with Kate and all the pain is nearly gone.  It has been unbelievable to me. I have had other issues and she has helped and is helping me with. I would recommend Kate of Invigorate Acupuncture to anyone with any problem, just ask." -CC

"You are the best.  I have been thinking about how much my health has improved since you started taking care of me.  Despite my hesitation that acupuncture could "really" change anything, you have proved me wrong again and again.  All those sleepless nights are a thing of the past.  The night sweats are gone and those few hot flashes that still occur are few and far between.  You have even managed to balance my somewhat neurotic demeanor.  And then there is my wonky back.  Who knew that it was possible to relieve the pain that has been there for as long as I can remember.  Thanks for your skills, patience and understanding.  I look forward to seeing you whenever I can." -KM

"We all ignore our bodies and we really shouldn't!  Kate at Invigorate helps me feel better even when I didn't think I felt that bad.  Kate can help with a variety of conditions.  I am seeing her for decreasing stress and improving my natural chances of conceiving a child.  She is patient, kind and understanding.  Always takes note of what you have to say and understands that our bodies are multiple systems and need to be treated that way!" -MC

"Kate is wonderful. I run a baking business and use my hands extensively daily, and I was experiencing severe pain. Kate worked magic with her needles and I immediately felt better. Such a relief to not worry about my hands hurting! She is delightful to work with as well and really listened to my needs. I Highly recommend Kate if anything is hurting." -LP

"I successfully used Invigorate Acupuncture, to help induce labor when I was pregnant.  So when my now 9 month old started having horrible digestion issues I was delighted to find that not only could Kate help, but she didn't have to use needles!  We had three sessions and none of them were the least bit traumatic for mommy or baby. The little one is doing much better, and between our sessions, some herbs and a probiotic Kate recommended, we hope to ween her off her antacid in the near future!  I highly recommend Invigorate Acupuncture.  As an additional note, the new office is beautiful!  Just follow Kate's directions to get there because it could be a bit tricky to find the first time." NV

"I have been a fan of acupuncture since it cured my migraines 7 years ago.  I recently discovered this little place.  Kate is fabulous! She takes time to ask you about every aspect of your health and well being and really listens to your answers.  She is so gentle and knows exactly which points will provide the most relief.  I have seen Kate for allergies, back pain and general health.  She is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about her and Invigorate!" -KS

"I am visiting Tucson on vacation and woke one morning with terrible upper back pain related to chronic cervical spine damage. I have had this problem before and know that acupuncture generally helps. I found Kate's web site and even though it was a Saturday and the online appointment schedule stated no appointment available that day, I called her, in the event that someone had cancelled. She fit me in at the end of her time that day and thankfully, her treatment helped me considerably. I am totally impressed and very thankful, otherwise my vacation may have been ruined. KK"

"I have never left any therapy feeling better then when I came in and looking forward to my next appointment."

"Kate Campos is a very gifted practitioner. Her passion and knowledge of acupuncture shows during her thorough treatments. I always feel great after treatments with her and have experienced lasting results. She is someone that I feel comfortable telling my friends and family about." -RS

"I decided to try acupuncture for post partum depression and Invigorate acupuncture was recommended to me.  I was not wanting to use medication because I was nursing my baby and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Kate (the acupuncturist here) was very educated, helpful, and supportive especially about my postpartum issues.  Her treatments helped me tremendously and within a month I felt back to my old self.  She educated me on what happens to my body after childbirth and what was currently happening in my body with nursing, hormones, etc.  I have been to other acupuncture clinics and they have never explained to me what was happening in my body and not only did Kate do this but she also explained what to expect from the treatments I was receiving.  I felt empowered and capable after every visit.  Also, at a later visit I had severe pain in my wrist that had lasted several weeks . I could barely move it.  She treated it and massaged it, too and it was amazing.  The pain disappeared and she even went so far as to research the condition I had and emailed me the name, condition, cause and treatment.  That is what I call 5 star service!! I would highly recommend her!!" -KK

"Highly recommended.  My friend told me about this place opening after I was in pain and off of work for two weeks due to severe migraines/tension headaches.  My doctor had me on 3 different medications, we had done a CT scan and MRI (clear), and I was still in such misery I couldn't move from my bed without being nauseous.  I had never done acupuncture and was skeptical, but was willing to try anything.  I felt better immediately, and within two days was back at work full-time.  I no longer need the medications prescribed to me (all they did was make me tired) by my regular doctor.  We scheduled a follow-up acupuncture visit for the following week, and I am now feeling 100%.  My only regret is that I didn't try this sooner, but now that I know the results I will be returning at the first sign of a headache." -JE

"Kate is amazing, kind and wonderful!  She has helped me with my gluten sensitivity and joint pain due to lupus as well as stress.  I love every appointment and the office is so relaxing and peaceful.  I always leave feeling a million times better than when I came in.  Five stars!!" -LP

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