Effective Natural Treatment For Endometriosis

100% Natural Therapies which will lessen and even completely eliminate your endometriosis symptoms without medications, or surgery.

Sound Familiar?

  • Periods are so painful and/or heavy you have to miss work.
  • Pain between periods or even all month long.
  • Feeling like your hormones are always "out of balance".
  • Unpredictable flow and period time.
  • Severe pain during ovulation.
  • Being told you're infertile or need IVF to get pregnant.



Each acupuncture point has specific actions that help the body stimulate natural healing. The insertion of needles can release muscular trigger points, communicate with the central nervous system, interrupt pain signals and trigger an immune response which promotes healing.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of therapy on planet Earth.  Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful system for using nature's compounds in a precise way to not only reduce symptoms, but heal the root of the imbalance in the body.


Cupping is a technique that uses suction either from a glass cup to relieve muscle pain and tension.The suction draws fresh blood into the muscles and as the blood flow increases, the tissue gets more nutrients and oxygen. This helps with stiffness, scar tissue and muscle cramps.  The better the blood flow, the more efficiently the muscles can function and heal.

Common Questions

What Does Acupuncture Feel Like?

While most will not experience a feeling of “pain”, one may experience a heaviness, tingling, warmth, pull, or slight ache at the insertion point. This is normal and simply means that the point has been activated. Sometimes there is no feeling at the insertion point which is okay, too. 

Does Insurance Cover Acupuncture?

We do accept insurance and if you have coverage, will bill it for you!  We would be happy to verify your benefits for you. We accept Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Workman’s Compensation and personal injury will often times provide 100% coverage as will many automobile accident policies.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?


Effects of the acupuncture treatment can be immediate. However, for lasting results it sometimes takes a series of treatments. For acute issues (happening for less than 6 weeks), many times just a handful of acupuncture treatments will do the trick and long term maintenance often isn’t necessary. For chronic conditions you can expect to need a series of weekly treatments for 2-3 months.

Do The Cupping Marks Hurt?

The marks left from cupping, do not actually hurt!  Typically after cupping you would feel similar to that of a deep tissue massage.  When muscles become tight, the blood flow is reduced and things gets stuck.  By pulling up the muscle you are causing it to relax and allow new blood to flood in with fresh oxygen and nutrients while drawing up the stagnant blood.  The darker the mark the more stagnation there was in the area. 

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